English As a Foreign Language

The Academy offers individual and small group sessions in IELTS, Cambridge Main Suite examinations such as PET, FCE and Advanced level as well as  General/Business English.

All tutors are native speakers and hold a minimum Diploma level teaching qualification. Our pass rates are exceptionally high.

Courses are tailored to the student and are available at various times throughout the week. Classes are paid monthly in advance.

Please contact us for further information.

"When I started my English course by the summer of 2009, Heather was one of the few ones who could understand my Brazilian/French accent due to her French language skills.

"She was always straight with me setting on some deadlines on my projects and correcting my pronunciation, writing and speed for reading (She was always very polite doing her interventions).

"After polishing my academic skills in English and improving my general knowledge I started my Masters at London School of Business and Finances studying Investment Banking and Securities, which I acquired Merit.

"It was also possible due to my professor Heather who, by the end of my dissertation, was helping me in correcting my work.

"After a couple of months on holiday and waiting for my T1 visa I was invited to work at Morgan Stanley, one of the biggest and most prestigious investment banking of the world.

"I have been working here for almost one year and I am really glad to be here and to have had chosen properly the best options I had at that time.

"Thanks to Heather.!!!"